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Loafjet is a Toast replacement library made specially for iOS app developers. For those who don’t know ,Toast is basically an UI popup element used to enhance your App. Loafjet is basically a Toast replacement community which focuses on good work with high optimisation. So let’s have a deep dive into our project.


So it was 3–4 months ago when I saw a Toast animation in an Android app and I got really interested in it. Later I tried implementing it on my project, while those implementation period I firstly tried custom coding it. During that point I realised its pretty tough to code for a Toast animation because there are infinite number of possible ways you can use it. Due to this I went on with some popular Swift libraries which were used to implement the same. But like every library those libraries were really heavy and unoptimised. This made me really frustrated. So I thought why not try a hands-on by creating a library for this. Since every user wants to use a small and highly optimised Library I went on creating Loafjet. So Loafjet is a highly optimised and most lightly available toast framework which you can get currently. On an estimate the Loafjet file consumes about 21kb of your project. Isn’t it really amazing, 21kb🔥.

Features 🚀

So Loafjet provides user to create their own Loaf with various types of customisation. Loafjet provides infinite number of Loaf variation. Yup, you heard it correct, Using Loafjet you can customise your loaf with the most possible ways. The best part is you can add your desired animation direction. Loafjet comes with preset of animation directions which are most popularly used. Here also it doesn’t stops, Loafjet provides you an option to add Gradient background to your Loaf. Wait…wait.. the surprise isn’t over, while creating this library I thought why not make it more unique by providing additional supports. So with this I went on creating a new support system for Loafjet which is called The Loafjet+.

Example of Loaf Customisation
Example of Loaf Customisation

Visit the repo to have a look on various other customisation

What is Loafjet+ ?

Loafjet+ is an additional support system which helps you to add customised Popup Card and Activity Indicator. And I know you might have a doubt do this additional features come under those 21kb, then Yes, all these additional features as well as the primary Loaf support comes under 21kb of size. Isn’t it amazing..? Even the Loafjet+ support comes with variety of customisation. Do check the Github Repo to have a better understanding.

Working ⚙️

Using Loafjet is very simple and easy. Use any kind of Loafjet feature with just one line of code. Technically you need to perform three simple steps to use Loafjet, which are:
1. Pod install
2. Import Loafjet
3. Start using Loafjet

See how simple it is. If you want more detailed explanation with examples do visit the Loafjet Website.

Releases 🏷

So we at Loafjet Organisation focus on user satisfaction and experience. We have a constant look on user issues and solve it as soon as possible. Our team focuses more on user needs. If you too want any additional support raise an issue we will contact you as soon as possible.

In our past releases we focused more on bug fixes since it was our initial version release. Not only this we also added some minor features in our past releases.

Feel free to contact us if you have any issue, bug problems, feature request for Loafjet.

Development 💻

All above we talked about the features and functionality of Loafjet. Now let’s get into the real hustle which is the development stage.

When I started building it , my thoughts were only to make a small working code which I can use to present a loaf. To be specific I needed a code which can get my work done. But as days went on my thoughts got more wider. I started adding features like:
* Loaf Size
* Background Colour
* Font Style/Size
* Animation Direction/Time/Delay/Duration
* Gradient Background support
* Addition of Loafjet+ and etc

With every addition I got motivation to work more harder. And you can see the result which is present in-front of you.

If you want to have a detailed explanation with demo(images & video) do visit the Loafjet Website.

At last few words, Behind every open source project there consists sleep less nights of many developers. Do remember those hardworking developers who helped you to make your work easy. Just support them by providing a ⭐️ on their work, feel free to give stars since its free of cost👀. Similarly in our project too we had various people who helped us when ever we struggled. Though we have only two contributors on the project but under the hood we have various open minded people who helped us regardless of the title of contributor.

Thanks a lot for having a look on this blog. Do comment your feedbacks.

Hi Folks, I am an iOS App Developer, YouTuber, Tech Enthusiast, pursuing my degree of Computer Science from Vellore Institute Of Technology.

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