The Basics

Before Getting into this Blog I will recommend you to go and have a look at our “Introduction to Swift” Blog of ADG-VIT in which we had explained the “History and Intro of what is Swift ? “. So basically Swift is the proprietary language of Apple. This language is used to make Apps on iPhone, iMac, iPad, MacBook, and other Apple devices. Swift is one of the easiest and efficient languages the reason will be cleared further. So now let’s get into the Basics of Swift Programming.

Let’s start with the basic how-to code in swift. …

Loafjet Organisation

Loafjet is a Toast replacement library made specially for iOS app developers. For those who don’t know ,Toast is basically an UI popup element used to enhance your App. Loafjet is basically a Toast replacement community which focuses on good work with high optimisation. So let’s have a deep dive into our project.


So it was 3–4 months ago when I saw a Toast animation in an Android app and I got really interested in it. Later I tried implementing it on my project, while those implementation period I firstly tried custom coding it. During that point I realised its…

Gokul Nair

Hi Folks, I am an iOS App Developer, YouTuber, Tech Enthusiast, pursuing my degree of Computer Science from Vellore Institute Of Technology.

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